Happy Monday & the Segues

I had this funny idea for a post today where I was going to show side by side pictures of Jack Sparrow, aka Jumpstreet Depp, and Manny Ramirez of the Boston Red Sux, and pretend they were the same person. They have the same hair. That would have been the basis of the comparison. Unfortunately, Manny, who doesn’t talk to the press, apparently doesn’t pose for pictures either. I searched two engines and over 50 pages of images and found everything from The Chipmunks to anal sex, but no suitable pics of a Manny coiffure.

Speaking of anal sex the Internet. I was beaten down with the proverbial stick by Karl, Hilly and the L.A.’s this weekend for my reluctance and ignorance towards using feeds versus the manual visitation of the blogs that I frequent. I gave the feeds a chance and I’m sold.

Speaking of selling, we spent a bit of time trying to explain to Karl and Hilly why they should buy an Apple and not another paper weight PC. I tried to use the example of the infomercial cliche where an assumingly competent person is unable to do something as mundane as prepare spaghetti without making a huge mess and possibly suffering third degree burns. I said that was the PC, and the simple answer to the problem was the Mac. Nobody seemed to follow my logic. I was slightly intoxicated.

Well, I have a better example for them now. Mac is using feeds. PC is the manual hours I spent before feeds. Like the egg in the frying pan, the PC is your brain on drugs. There is nothing over easy about it.

The rest of the weekend we spent outside, among the smell of fragrant jasmine and the bloom of lilac and wisteria. It’s been a beautiful three days, and now I must prepare to return to work. Personally, I’m against it.

I have the whole day before I need to take it from the man. I think I’ll spend it with more of this:

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