Monday Morning Wrap-UP

I just posted over at DadCentric. Just me bitching about stuff. You know, the usual.

I’ve also put up some posts over at The Disney Blog that I forgot to mention. It may sound like I’m bashing Disney in the first post, but that isn’t the case. Well, it is the case I guess, but shouldn’t those poor people that work in the parks make more money than those poor people that work at Denny’s? I would love to see those perky people all the perkier. Is that so wrong? It’s not like Disney can’t afford it.

Our house, much like many of the virtual homes I’m invited to via the Internet and the world of blogs, is filled with the sickies. It sucks. We had tickets to go see Meet the Robinsons in fantastic 3-D at the El Capitan Theater on Easter, but thanks to said sickness we had to pass. That’s $38 in unused, non-refundable tickets that were wasted, not to mention the hopes of one little boy crushed to smithereens. Actually, I’m the only one that was crushed, but whatever. Daddy will get his.

You may have noticed that I ditched the old iTunes widget that I had and replaced it with a fancy little thing from Now you can stay hip by seeing what I’m listening to. Check it yo.

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