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My wife works hard. She works long hours. Just last night she was kind enough to point out that she put the same amount of time in over a 3 day period as I did in two weeks. She told me this while folding the laundry. I was counting how many beers were left in the refrigerator.

I didn’t feel too bad. Basically I work three jobs. The one with the least amount of reward is the actual paying job. I’m in and out of there like Jessica Simpson in a bookstore. Hell, the Fed-Ex guy is there more than me. I do what I do and then I roll home. Luckily it’s all downhill.

The second job is writing. I write. I make a bit of cash. I don’t put on pants until it becomes absolutely necessary. I’m hoping this one banishes the first one for good.

The third, and biggest, is the family. I’m a stay at home dad that can’t always stay home. Still, I’m the primary care-giver, which sadly explains a lot about my boys.

So yes, my pay-stub may only show a handful of hours, but the real point should be that every hour not shown is one spent with the children. And really, that’s what it’s all about, the children.

By the way, I had plenty of beer left, in case you were wondering.

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