Hey, Hey, You, You, Get Off’a MySpace

Listen all y’all. I need you to be cool. I’ve invited the gang over from my MySpace friends list for milk and cookies and I don’t need anyone embarrassing me. Don’t freak if you see Sting or Elvis Costello looking through my iTunes selections (down there, on the left). You may see Zach Braff trying to sweet talk Ben Folds or Mason Jennings to putting their music on Scrubs, act like you see that shit every day. You may even see Booth!, but I doubt it.

Everybody be cool. This is a snobbery.

In other, unrelated to this random post news. The Disney Blog gave me props for being Chloe to the L.A. Times Lois Lane. That’s right, I out-scooped ’em. I’m like that big ol’ sun on the Raisin Bran box, and they’re just a bunch of sour grapes.

I guess it pays to serve beer to Teamsters.

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