The Shoe & the Other Foot

I must admit that there are times I am guilty of thinking that Thing 2 is actually Thing 1B. He’s just as cute and just as ornery as the original, and at times their names are intertwined on my lips and come out in a jumble of A’s & Z’s and random pet sounds.

Lately, however, he is showing that he is his own man. Mars Blackman was right. It’s the shoes. Zane loves his shoes.

Atticus cried and screamed anytime a shoe got near him. In fact, the only things we could put on his feet that he was cool with were a pair of bright yellow rain boots. See.

He wore them for two years, non-stop. Sometimes he slept in them.

Zane is not partial to one pair. He loves all of his shoes. Both pairs. Every morning he will bring out one shoe, hand it to me and sit down with his foot out. Then, after being properly footed, he disappears and returns with the match. He has yet to bring me the wrong mate. Again he sits and waits for the other shoe to drop.

He digs footwear … and he didn’t.

These are the feet on which difference shall stand.

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