Tag, I’m It.

I’ve been tagged. No, I’m not covered in spraypaint, but I do have a meme to follow through on. I’m a little excited that Jay got me with this “Seven Songs for Saturday”, because, a) I love music, and b) I’ve never been tagged for a meme before. If I’m going to lose my meme cherry, who better than The Zero Boss to have the honor. Also, I think I’ll copy his twist and post videos for the seven songs that I’m currently listening to (but not at the same time).

Well, here goes nothing. Hope it doesn’t hurt.

1. Something to Talk About by Badly Drawn Boy: He’s not bad, he’s just drawn that way.

2. Flathead by The Fratellis: Good beats and pin-ups, working well together since I was 13.

3. Rehab by Amy Winehouse: For some reason the embedding is unavailable. Follow the link. You won’t be disappointed. Great old school R&B/jazz around a potty-mouth. A fairly pretty potty-mouth.

4. Mama’s Room by Under the Influence of Giants: Bee-Gee’s 2007. What’s not to like?

5. Crazy by Ray Lamontagne: Yes, this is a Gnarls Barkley cover. The only video I could find is some homemade thing that a bored girl threw together, but the song is freaking awesome.

(for another cool acoustic cover see this guy: Hey Ya)

6. Good Dancers by The Sleepy Jackson: I freaking love this song. The guitar reminds me of George Harrison and the video reminds me of the movie Awakenings.

7. La Mar by Beautful Girls: The video quality is crap and there is some sort of weird interview at the begining, but the song is a favorite of mine. In fact, if one of my shows ever gets picked up you’ll see a scene set to this song.

Exclusive Track (Crappy Video of Good Song)- The One That Loves You the Most by Brett Dennen: even on this crappy video the guy is great!

Bonus Track (Even Crappier Video of Good Song)- Careless Whisper by Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright: We saw them do this live and it was awesome. Obviously not the best quality, but it was all I could find.

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