Raising Burying Arizona

I know it was you Arizona. You broke my heart.

Seriously, I could cry. I won’t, because I’m too pissed, but I could.

Why do you do this to us, the faithful? It’s not like we even demand a championship (again). We’re good with the Final Four.

You have embarrassed yourself. You’ve embarrassed the Pac-10. You’ve embarrassed me. I stuck up for you when others laughed. I swore you had the talent, and sadly, despite the Purdue Combovers proving otherwise, I still believe it.

You needed a bench. You needed a point guard that could contribute. For a school known for it’s guards (see Kerr, Arenas, Bibby, Terry, Stoudemire, etc..), you let your guard down- or he let us down. I suppose that is the silver lining in this dark cloud. Next year will bring a fresh face at the point, and hopefully it will be connected to a heart. You’ve lacked that too.

I love you Arizona, you are second in my life only to my family and one or two of my friends. Hell, I would place you even higher if I wasn’t afraid of offending someone.

I watched the game following the superstitions traditions of 1997, when a scrappy team won it all thanks to the type and amount of refreshment we consumed. I watched with hope and beer and a baby on my lap. I watched you fall apart like you have for half of the season, using every semblance of my will to keep myself from hurling a two dollar bottle of Negra Modelo through my $2000 LCD screen.

For those of you without empathy, let me state that there are roughly a million people in the greater Tucson area. Of those million, let’s say a million of them live and breathe the U of A, specifically men’s basketball. Old people have Arizona dishes and “Bear Down” ringtones. Young people have tattoos and MySpace profile layouts. The University of Arizona is everything. There is a God in Tucson and his name is Lute.

The team has been to the tournament a consecutive 23 seasons. 23. Call Jim Fucking Carey and ask what the hell happened.

He’ll tell you the same thing I will. They lost a game that shouldn’t have after a season built on losing games that they shouldn’t have. It hurts.

I would gladly trade every possible dollar from every bracket pool in every office in America, and probably my left nut, for a decent run. Is that too much to ask?

As it is I’ve already told the boys that they are no longer expected to attend Arizona, as long as they don’t go to ASU, UCLA, or Duke. I’m actually hoping to follow the words of Tracy Morgan’s character on 30 Rock and ensure that my kids are taken care of because “I don’t want my kids to have to go to college.”

That’s right U of A. You’re pathetic ass may have just lost two potential students. I’m guessing more.

March is dead to me.

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