The Man Hates Me

We’ve had a mortgage on our home for over 3 years. In December it was bought out by a company called Countrywide Financial that is about as full of crap as any company could ever be.

First, when they bought the loan they only bought part of it. All of a sudden we had two payments. Also, after we were contacted by our previous lender that the loan had been sold we tried to make a payment. Countrywide denied having our loan (part of it) and refused to take our money.

Forward a month and they are sending us letters of pending foreclosure due to our “non-payment”, which of course pissed me off.

Now, after 3 years of having my county taxes impounded, Countrywide is not doing so. They insist that they have not altered our payment plan at all, yet my monthly payment is higher (plus a payment to another company that bought the other portion of our mortgage) and all of a sudden I have taxes due.

I should say that I have taxes that are late. Apparently the tax people send out a statement twice a year, and when they sent the first one to us it was still regarding an impounded loan, so the statement was stamped “information only- do not pay”. Now, the second notice of the year has arrived and it says we are late on those same taxes. We have to pay a penalty. That doesn’t seem very fair to me.

The taxman doesn’t care, and Countrywide is swearing that they haven’t done anything, so basically I’m fucked.

On my birthday no less, just 30 minutes after watching my beloved Wildcats get pounded by the Ducks. Man, I’m glad I didn’t go to that game.

Another thing that is funny is that I know a few people that have worked in customer service at Countrywide, and they have all told me that more often than not, their company was in the wrong, but they weren’t ever allowed to say so. That is what really pisses me off- on top of the other pissed off that I already mentioned.

This birthday is getting shitty, time for me to do likewise.

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