Strangers & Fiction

I just watched Stranger Than Fiction. I liked it. It made me feel good and reflective at the same time, like standing in a tub of jello.

It reminded me of a girl I met the other day, mainly because she was cute and tattooed and my friend found himself adoring her. These, of course, would be references to the movie.

She had hair that was a hue of violet, which I am pretty sure was not her given shade, and she reminded me a bit of a muppet.

Somebody made a comment about her drapes matching the carpet (I make no excuses for my friends). We laughed about it, and the idea of asking, “Hey baby, are you Grover all over?” almost made Alfredo sauce shoot out of my nose.

Perhaps that made us small, but it felt good. We were living in the moment and my friend found himself taken all the more.

I think she said she wanted him too.

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