How Many Licks to the Center of a Blogroll?

Oh wise Mr. Owl, what the hell is up with other bloggers and the apathy that they show towards the sanctity that is the blogroll?

Or am I not reciprocated by the majority of my list on purpose? I suppose that makes more sense.

What I don’t get is that some of the guilty party are regular readers and my DadCentric compadres.

It’s not like these people don’t have links on their sites. I’ve seen them, and way too many have a big hole in the “H” section. How many licks, sir, how many licks?*

Am I too needy? Of course. Is it pathetic that I am posting this? I think so. At least I’m not calling anyone out by name… yet.

Here’s the dealy-o, I just want to build a little traffic so that when I lay in bed at night counting all of my Internet friends I can use both hands and maybe a few less tears. Is that so wrong?

*I am NOT offering to lick you to be on your blogroll. I’m more of a heavypetter.

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