Up the Hill

Zane has found his path in life, and it goes straight up. The kid scares the shit out of me.

He is barely over a year old and has been walking for almost two months. He has been climbing for about four.

It started with the slide that Atticus has attached to his “big boy” bed, you know, the one that he doesn’t sleep in. Zane would climb up that thing before he could walk. It was amazing if not for the fear factor involved.

Then came the benches. Our dining table does not have chairs, it is this Cost Plus World Market beautiful piece of wood with benches on either side. First he climbed up on the benches, and then they became the stepping stones to the table itself. He’s like a big drooling cat.

We have a stool in the kitchen. He mastered that. Then he used it to get on the counter top. We moved the stool. He pushes it from wherever it is hiding and then uses it to get on the counter top. There isn’t anything on the damn counter top for him of course, it’s not the kill, it’s the thrill of the chase.

He climbs on the back of furniture to look out the window. He climbs up on beds and chairs and into hampers.

Today I stood in utter awe and watched him climb the ladder to the aforementioned slide bed. It’s straight up and down, 4 1/2′ of actual ladder.

As I’m typing this he just passed by my feet on his way to climb in the basket of clean laundry that I’m ignoring. He was singing the whole way. Hell, it was probably a yodel. Next week Everest.

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