Three Stange Days- Brilliant!

Today ends the three day holiday run. First was Hallmark Day, then yesterday was Zane Day, and today? Today is Guinness Day, perhaps the second best holiday of all time (first being the other Guinness Day, St. Patrick’s). Christmas is good too.

What is Guinness Day? Actually, it’s The Great Guinness Toast, which takes place at one exact moment of the day. The rest of the time is just practice. Hence, St. Practice Day.

Here’s what you need to do. Find a bar that is officially observing the holiday, not some pseudo Irish pub or some Jehovah’s Witness backed corporate chain, but a place with Guinness on tap and a flair for fun. Call them, make sure they are reporting their numbers to Guinness.

What are the numbers? Didn’t you click on the last link? At the exact same moment all over the world people will raise their pint of Guinness in toast and the number of said people will be recorded in an effort to break, you guessed it, the Guinness record.

The toast is at 8p.m. in Los Angeles, so do the math to find out what time you should be drinking. Most bars will have a Guinness-trained Toast Master, my wife did this once and had to take a class (did you know Guinness has the same, if not lower carbs and calories than many light beers?) and got a sweet hat that I still sport (imagine the Cat in the Hat’s hat, but black and cream in color). If your bar/home doesn’t have a toast master then here’s the dealy-o:

I expect great things from you guys. Happy toasting!

Oh, and if drinking from home here’s how you get counted:


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