Early Morning Frost

Zane, Thing 2 here at Honea Express, has decided that he no longer wants to grace us with anything resembling a decent night of sleep. I know what you’re thinking, when did he ever do that? Recently. For consecutive weeks he was starting to sleep until nearly 8a.m. on a fairly regular basis. To make it even sweeter he was also starting to wake up less in the night. I could feel things turning for the better.

Then we took a vacation and he took on the sleeping habits of a meth addict. He refuses to go to sleep, refuses to stay asleep, and there is no way he plans on sleeping past 6a.m.- if he makes it that far.

It is not pleasant.

This morning I poured an entire packet of instant oatmeal in my nearly full coffee cup. I considered the salvaging of my breakfast by entertaining the thought that my act of carelessness had uncovered the next peanut butter cup. You got your oats in my French Roast, etc., but as it turns out I just discovered a way to waste your entire meal in one fell swoop.

I’ve been up for nearly two hours and Thing 1 is still asleep. Meanwhile, Thing 2 is doing his best to wake up our new border, Fonzie, by banging on everything in sight. Me? I’m sitting here drinking coffmeal and waiting for the last possible minute before I need to ready myself for a day of work, my first in a week, and I’m dreading it, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.

Miles to go before I sleep.

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