MC Whit Dropped the Shiz-nit

Yes. Yes, I did.

For those of you that care about such things I would like to say that my speaking arrangement at Mountain View High School in Marana, AZ, went off sans hitch.

I was greeted with consideration and respect, and get this, most of the students actually seemed to be listening to me. That was a bit weird because I wasn’t really listening to myself. I weaved a tapestry of tangents, tied my tongue in knots and broke strings off entirely. I was all over the place, but somehow I managed to bring most of my ramblings full circle, well oval anyway.

Somehow in the course of 40 minutes I managed to discuss my poems and other writings, my influences, my music, my kids, my wife, some bling, Disney, tattoos, drinking, skydiving, meth and sandwich shops. I took questions from the class and usually answered them, sometimes within five minutes.

We broke down the poem in some detail and discussed their own analysis of it, much of which was better than the actual meaning or inspiration I put into it.

I spun some funny and they laughed at most of it.

It was fun. Real fun.

I even signed autographs afterwards, which was slightly surreal. I had one kid say that he wanted to be just like me. Man, if he only knew.

It was great for the ego. I felt young and alive again, for at least a good hour afterwards. Word.

Thanks Ms. Clark and MVHS Mountain Lions! Your football team rules.

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