These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

*You may have noticed that we are pretty big Disney fans here at Honea Express. If you like the mouse and the rides and the movies and the stuff, then check out the new and improved Disney website. It’s been updated with bells (of the Tinker variety) and whistles (give a little) and it’s pretty darn-tootin’ supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

*Apple & Apple are no longer fighting like apples and oranges. That means our life-accessory iPod will now be able to download our life-soundtrack Beatles collection. Two great tastes and all that.

*We just ran out of diapers, formula and dog food, the three essentials to Zane’s survival, in the same morning. That’s called a Costco Trifecta.

*I’ve been propositioned to take a job with a major studio in the role of Production Assistant. The job is basically the armpit of the industry, but as a friend put it, there’s no place to go but up. Seeing as how the job pays less than I make now, is twice as crappy and consists of at least double the hours I’m planning to take it.

Why? Well, my business partner is the “talent” for the show being filmed, and I figure that connection should keep me fairly safe. Plus, he’s the one getting me the job and since I don’t know squat about TV, it was hard to get me in at all, let alone at a more prestigious level. Our business is creating shows, commercials and movies, so some hands-on experience makes the position much more valuable than the crappy pay scale implies.

*I’m speaking at a high school this week. I’ll be doing a poetry reading and some Q&A with students. I’m looking forward to it, and I’m sure they, the students, are looking forward to making fun of the old guy that writes poems and other wussy stuff. I’m going to wear a sports coat with sneakers- the official writer uniform.

*Here’s a question: Between the blogs I write for there are over 50,000 readers a week that at least skim my words, why the hell don’t people leave comments? Don’t they know how sensitive I am?

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