Subpar Sunday & What They Should Have Shown

The Super Bowl started a month ago. It hit it’s stride about 8:00 yesterday morning when it played the heartstrings card.

My wife loves that stuff. It is easy for us, the general public, to fall back upon the stereotypes of professional athletes being nothing but self-centered glorified troublemakers. It appears that Terrell Owens and Tank are, thankfully, not the norm.

There are some very good people in the NFL, and their stories reduce my wife to tears every year as I sit there mocking her and washing lumps down my throat with chugs of cold Red Stripe.

Finally, the focus switched to the stadium where someone that looked a lot like Billy Joel’s dad played the Anthem and cued the flyboys. Game on.

Football was played.

Then the moment America was waiting for, the ads. What the hell happened to the Super Bowl commercials? They sucked. I was anticipating some funny, but the only funny thing all day was that kerchief on Prince’s head.

I thought that they were off to a good start with Chad Johnson’s Super Bowl party for, geez I don’t even know what it was for, but Martha Stewart and LL Cool J in a kitchen works for me. I was positive that it was the first of an ongoing series of checking in with Chad and his guests, surely they didn’t get that many famous people in one room for a 30 second ad, did they? I guess so.

Pepsi did the same thing with a quick quip by Tracy Morgan in a Gaffagan carried ad that never materialized into anything bigger.

Here’s an ad that wasn’t approved that they should have shown. Here’s another one. Okay, one more (dirty words). Turns out there a bunch of funny commercials made, just not shown. Apparently CBS has some sort of moral conscience it needs to flex. Possibly to make up for all of the CSI:Wherever it shows.

I was disappointed. I did things I haven’t done during a Super Bowl commercial in years, like getting a beer, using the bathroom and taking out the trash. This is game time activity, or at least it used to be.

I did decide that I have some pretty funny ideas for some commercials and somebody should call me before next year if they know what’s good for them.

In other news, the game played out exactly like I figured it would, too much Manning and too much Grossman. I was rooting for the Bears, but I am glad that I won’t have to hear about Manning and the proverbial monkey on his back any longer.

The halftime show was actually pretty damn entertaining. It was nice of Prince to indulge us with some classics, including a Foo Fighters cover, rather than force a bunch of stuff we’ve never heard on us.

Overall, it was a pretty decent game to watch, and the beer was good. Overall I’d give it a 60.

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