Pre-Spring Cleaning

We have the day off today, meaning the whole family will be home today.

What will we do with our time together? Play some games? Plant a garden? Catch up on some reading? Probably not. We’re going to clean. We’re going to do laundry. We’re going to do all of the things that we cannot get to during the course of the week. Frankly, it’s anti-climatic.

It’s time though. I had to Febreeze underwear yesterday. Zane crawls around in a fur coat that isn’t his. Rather it is the collected sheddings of three stinky cats and two slobbering dogs. These are things best left undone.

Yes, our family will bond today, like socks and static, like peanut butter and ladies (you like to put jelly on a lady?). After all, a family that cleans together… is cleaner, and I’m guessing a bit more bored. Whatever, it’s cheaper than Chuck E. Cheese.

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