Oh! The Butts You Will Wipe!

With sincere apologies to Dr. Suess, here’s how my morning has been:

There will be smells that could faint a skunk
These smells will stink and when gone they stunk

You may find them lingering in butts of boys
littered with peanuts, corn and tinker toys

Cold wet paper is your only defense
keep the fingers relaxed, don’t let them tense

It may be smooth like warm peanut butter
It may be chunky like butter with nutter

Perhaps it will leap to the limbs of your hand
If you jump or do flips, then watch where you land

Oh, the butts you will wipe, they’ll smile for you
raise them up in the air, they’ll frown for you too

When all is done and the buns are wrapped fresh
then you are done and may scrub off your flesh

It’s not a curse, and I know it’s not fun
it’s just what you do for Thing 2 & Thing 1.

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