B*#@%s Ain’t S#!t & Other Covers

I was being a geek and checking out my MySpace page last night and clicked over to my good friend (but not in my “top” friends) Ben Folds. Apparently he is having a contest on You Tube for fans to make their own video for this song. Pretty clever and funny stuff.

Warning: This post has somehow morphed from my adding a video to me expressing the depths of my mancrush on Ben Folds. I’m sorry. But not really. Make sure you listen to the song at the bottom of this post too, don’t let the video scare you away!

I also stumbled upon some of his live stuff, a cover of Postal Service’s Such Great Heights, Elton John’s Tiny Dancer(This opens a Sony Music Box with a handful of Fold’s videos, do yourself a favor and check them out. Yes, all of them.) and a whole concert filmed for MySpace. Finally, here is the cover of Dr. Dre’s Bitches Ain’t Shit. I’m guessing I don’t need to warn you that the lyrics are not family fare (unless your family is a bunch of ho’s, then I guess it’s okay). Also, about halfway through you’ll get a good look at the audience and what they show is really freaking cool.

Jam on!

AND THAT’S NOT ALL!!! Having written this post I searched near and far to find a copy of this duet with Rufus Wainwright that we were lucky enough to see live last tour. Fucking awesome!

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