UPDATED: Post About Basketball with Random Tangent About Bloghim Thrown In

Today I’ll be speaking on something that is very dear to me. Arizona Basketball. Frankly, it rules. Lute rules. That’s about it in a nutshell. I’ll go on record as saying that they will be the champs this year. If Bloghim actually happens in Vegas between now and March then I’m throwing down money to back that prediction.

Who am I kidding? Bloghim won’t happen by March, but it’s a nice thought. BTW, this is how I do Vegas:
*This is the update: With apologies to Anthony, I should have elaborated on “Bloghim”. The truth is I forgot that anyone actually read my ramblings, so it just slipped my mind. Bloghim is a mythical meeting of male bloggers, it would probably take place at Loch Ness or Pamela Anderson’s house, anyplace with free monster rides. For a clearer vision please read MetroDad’s take. He seems to have a good handle on it. END UPDATE.

Now back to the topic at hand, what I really wanted to talk about was Arizona alumni, namely those in the NBA. Has there ever been a collection of talent from one school playing so well at the next level at one time? I doubt it.

Look at this list and tell me what college program is being better represented:

-Gilbert Arenas
-Jason Terry
-Mike Bibby
-Richard Jefferson
-Luke Walton
-Andre Iguodala
-Channing Frye
-Hassan Adams
-Damon Stoudamire
-Salim Stoudamire
-Loren Woods

Not only that, but there will be at least two more additions to that list next year. Olson has got himself a factory in Tucson. UCLA and Duke can stuff their sorrys in a sack, respectively. This is the year of the Cats.

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