Happy Christmas (or whatever you’re in to)

Christmas is nigh, and all is well.

Actually, it isn’t. The world is upside down with war, disease and famine. The streets of your town are crawling with violence, drugs and apathy.

People are sad, scared and hungry. Most need our help. Some need more than that.

The holidays are about loving and helping. The world needs it.

Yet, despite my wishes reaching global levels, my focus is much more local. I will spend this holiday with those closest to me, my wife and two boys. We will watch seasonal specials on tv, listen to Christmas music, drink cocoa, love and laugh. We will open gifts we don’t need and hug each other for them.

Is it too much? Probably. But it is not enough. I already find myself missing what has yet to pass. Soon, the warmth in our home will be overcome by the warmth outside and Christmas will be but a memory.

That is why I’ll listen to Sufjan Stevens, again, or Santa Claus and Popcorn for the hundredth time. I’ll sit with my boys on the couch and watch Olive the Other Reindeer stick it the postal service and I’ll fill MP3 players with poetic screams of holiday tidings. It is Christmas.

Christmas is nigh, and all is well.

I hope yours is too. Happy Holidays to each of you.

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