Words of Wisdom

Atticus has been dropping knowledge again, and darn if it isn’t funny stuff. Here are just a few of the gems he’s laid on us lately:

*Blue is my favorite color because I have blue shirts.

*I can’t write because I’m not an artist. That’s why I’m not a grow-up yet.

*Do you want a beer?

*I made a shopping list, eggs, macaroni and cheese, cookies, and wine-ade. I sure wish we had more chicken.

*Where the hell is the phone?

*I was a cookie, but now I’m pie. I can change.

*Daddy get mad, just like Donald Duck.

*May I please open a present now?

*Soda is for breakfast.

*I drawed in my belly button.

*Papa has sand in his ears.

*That made me scream like a little girl.

*I’m made of bones, brains, skin and farts. So is Zane. And Mickey Mouse.

There’s more- stay tuned!

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