Baby Math

Sometimes it seems like everyone I know is pregnant. Even a couple of the guys are starting to show. I suppose the latter could just be beer and turkey, but I’ll ask where they are registered just in case.

Yesterday morning, at about 1:45a.m. to be precise, my list of pregos became smaller. Dirk and Jeanine welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Darby Clemence, to the fold. This made their little boy Champ a big brother, and Aunt Kimmie that much fonder for the rolling green hills of Arizona. Oh wait, forget the green and the hills and the rolling and stuff, but I’m sure she wants to get back to where she once belonged. She can cut my California grass on her way back, I know she’s in a hurry. (random Beatles reference provided free of charge)

In the email I received announcing the birth they mentioned how well the baby is currently sleeping. I offer these words in that regard, don’t get used to it. This is what is called the quiet before the storm. It’s a classic move where the new addition attempts to lull the parents into a false sense of comfort and ease. In a month or so it will be followed by the dropping of a brick on said parents head at three in the morning every day for the next 2+ years. Chances are the bricks are coming from the older sibling. Check under his bed.

I’ve known both Dirk and Jeanine for over 20 years. Yes, they are much older than me. In fact, I was not even conceived when our friendship began. They are good people and better parents. I congratulate them on what they’ve created.

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