3-2-1 Stuff Yourself!

We have company arriving any moment now. I keep hearing noises outside and have to follow Atticus as he runs out the door expecting to wind up in the arms of an aunt or grandparent. So far it’s just the wind (no, not me- I know you were thinking it).

I’m hoping they call first, maybe when they are about an hour out, so I can take the last minute precautions of tiding the house, picking up the dog crap, putting the sex away, covering the Kramer picture hanging above the toilet- preferably with a white sheet, and of course pounding as much whiskey as I can in sixty minutes. You know, the final touches.

Our house is clean, I’ve finalized my fantasy football roster (although, I may go back and start Alexander- I’m torn), I’ve got John Legend on the surround sound and the hunkering for a beer. I think we’re ready.

I may or may not check in tomorrow. I’ve got a flag football game to die play in, a turkey to carve, some NFL to watch and some wine to drink. Too much wine if history serves me correctly. Actually, I don’t care who serves me, just let the vino flow friends.

Into your cup as well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a damn good nap.


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