Monday Morning Wrap-Up

*All of my sports teams won their respective games, The Steelers, AZ Wildcat football and basketball all got her done. Good job fellas! Inanimate objects were spared random acts of frustration induced violence due to your collective victory.

*I have been contacted by three different people from high school and one from college, none of which I’ve seen in YEARS, because they found me in the blogosphere. Always fun.

*Apparently these wrap-ups need to have a medical connection, and this week it is my pal Ed who decided to put more blood than sweat into his latest project. Enjoy your vacation Ed!

*Atticus was getting in the car the other day and he pointed at the gas tank and said, “this is my side, next to the gashole.” I like it. Gashole.

*It’s Thanksgiving week, and that means I break out my essay on our first turkey day post 9/11. You can find it here.

*I’ve added some ads along the sidebar. The stuff I picked myself because I dig it. That John Legend CD has been in my rotation for weeks, and I don’t even listen to R&B normally. It has a great 60’s vibe that has me dancing with the boys from beginning to end. As you may have guessed, I’m not a dancer, although I have a mean repertoire of lawn mower, shopping cart and shower moves, respectively.

*I want to update my template, has anyone done this on Blogger, and do you have any suggestions on how or where I can change my masthead?

Have a good day gasholes. Yeah, I really like it.

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