Monday Morning Wrap-Up

*My grandfather had a mini-stroke on Saturday. He is having an operation this afternoon on a vein in his neck. He’s 81 and hasn’t been in the hospital in my lifetime. They say the surgery is fairly common and relatively safe, but that doesn’t make being a state away any easier. I’m thinking of you Grandpa!

*The Steelers did something the republicans couldn’t, they hung on to the ball. After leading the league in give-aways and turning otherwise stellar games into losses, the boys from Pittsburgh were able to beat a good Saints team and hopefully turn their season around. I was just about to write the season off as payment to the devil for selling their football souls last year, but apparently there is life in the ol’ ballclub yet.

*University of Arizona football also took a big step towards turning it around by knocking off #8 California. Hopefully UofA can salvage something to take into next season.

*UofA basketball on the other hand, let one get away. They were up 19 points at Virginia in the first half and they looked as good as any team Lute Olson has ever put together. I actually thought at one point in the first half something I’ve never thought before, “wow, these guys could go undefeated.” They looked that good. In the first half. The second half was a different story and I’ve now been saved a season of suspense by chalking up the first game of the season in the loss column.

*Speaking of Arizona, it became the first state to vote against a ban on gay marriage. Good for you Arizona! Hopefully this will finally get rid of the lingering ill-effects left some 20 years ago by then governor Ev Mecham. The guy was a bigot and an idiot, as if I need to tell you that last part. If you don’t recall what happened it went down like this, it was the beginning of the MLK holiday craze and Arizona like most other states had the proposition on the ballot. Twice. It passed twice. However, a vote for the holiday proposed one way cancelled out any vote for the holiday proposed the other way. We cancelled ourselves out. And our governor was a racist. National scrutiny and bans by U2 and Stevie Wonder were to follow.

*Saturday Night Live was one of the better episodes I’ve seen in a few seasons. Alec Baldwin, that I like despite the feeling that I shouldn’t, hosted for the 13th time. Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Paul McCartney and Tony Bennett all made cameos. It reminded me of what SNL used to be, and what it would be if they would just fulfill my lifelong dream and put me in the cast.

*I had a dream last night that our local mall was the site for an all out gang war. That could happen. In the dream it blew up. That could also happen. What was cool about the dream was that it morphed in an out of being a cartoon. I think I need to take a better look at the mushrooms in my refrigerator.

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