Don’t It Make Your Red States Blue

The funny thing about this election is that I’m not a Democrat. I’m an Independent. It’s like college all over again, when sorority girls in the bar would ask what “house” I belonged to and the standard answer was “Gee Dee Eye”- God Damn Independent. I didn’t need frats and I don’t need Republicans. I can make mistakes by myself, I don’t need the support of other idiots.

Except in this. I did something yesterday I haven’t done before. I towed the party line. I voted straight Democrat regardless of who they were or what they were running for. I didn’t even look. I just found the space marked “Dem”, and slighting better candidates below them, I punched their ticket, which was my way of punching Bush right in his.

That said, I don’t feel that anything was won last night, we weren’t able to sever the head from the beast, but we cut off the tail and we’re currently rubbing a dull knife against it’s jugular.

That reminds me, what do you do if you are attacked by circus people? You go for the juggler.

The Republicans are like circus people. They set up their tent uninvited and left it there for too long. It’s nice to see the elephants out of the house and breaking down the big top.

All I can find on the news is that this election was about Iraq and corruption and terrorism. I suppose it is. I want the war to be over. I want corruption to end- but I don’t expect it to. I don’t want to live in fear of terrorism. I need to go on record though as saying I thought this election was more simple than that, the right was wrong.

Of course I agree with those issues, but what I really support is Stem Cell research, better US foreign relations, stronger human rights, better and more affordable healthcare and education, the right to a same-sex marriage and sticking it to the oil companies. Basically, I believe in freedom being a universal concept and not something that is thrown around like a bucket of confetti by a bunch of white-faced guys with red rubber noses.

Which makes me wonder what is wrong with those that oppose those ideals. No, I’m not talking about distant countries and brainwashed armies, but those that live among us. Somehow Wal-Mart America has convinced people that Bush is someone to be revered and that a vote against him is a vote against God, the Constitution, and life as we know it.

The thing is Bush and God should not be mentioned in the same sentence unless that bush is burning. I’ll accept that. Regarding the Constitution, he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near it. He’ll just doodle in the margins and write “GWB + OPEC” all over it. Plus, as stated earlier, he is prone to combustion, and that document is fragile.

As for life as we know it, well frankly, it could use a little tweaking don’t you think?

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