What’s the Frequency America?

Dan Rather might have an idea. R.E.M. seems to have a clue. William Tager is pretty confident.

The frequency is the constant message being beamed to us from telephone, the internet and various media outlets. The message is of hope. The message hopes you will listen to a 40 second recorded message from right and left wing celebrities and politicians. Well, right wing politicians, I don’t think they have any right wing celebrities.

This is the buzz on the internet today. It is about the mud being thrown by candidates at each other, and the only ones that seem to feel dirty are the voters. We need a collective shower.

I would love to see the voting machine become so bogged down that it just stops. Wouldn’t that show them we meant business, if we did what they wanted and didn’t vote for the competition? Then there wouldn’t be anyone to vote for, oh wait, it’s like that already.

It’s crazy. The differences are huge and they are non-existent. I feel like there is just one person running for everything, a bigger than life Sybil that doesn’t care about the issues, only our vote.

I suppose one of the personalities will win, or as is the practice in America, one will lose and then still be declared the winner, and life will go on.

Me? I’m buying Cars tomorrow, just before I vote on Prop. 87. That’s the frequency I’m hearing.

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