2 + 2 = God

I’m not a religious man. Far from it really. I don’t have a problem with faith per se, rather I tend to have issues with organized religion, that being it is far more corrupt than any government and creates minions just to feed off them. That’s all. Other than that no problem.

What amuses me is how many Christians believe God is the answer to everything. If this was the case Jeopardy would be a lot easier and Trivial Pursuit would be a piece of cake, not pie. Ask someone with this mindset any question regarding anything, and God is going to be pivotal to the outcome.

“What should I have for lunch?”

“Put your faith in God, and you’ll never be hungry.”

“Um, thanks. I’ll go to Taco Bell.”


“Who took my wallet?”

“Obviously God has other plans for that money.”

“Well, I hope God has plans to pay my mortgage.”

“God will pay your mortgage for all eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven.”

“Um, thanks. Is there a Taco Bell there?”

I write for a blog that has very strong leanings towards Christianity. That’s fine. I would never criticize anyone for their beliefs in that forum. I respect their faith and in turn they don’t burn me on a stake.

My wife is Jehovah’s Witness. She doesn’t just believe in God, she wants to take it to the rooftops, or at least your front door. My kids, not being raised as either saints or sinners, have a rough road ahead of them, knocking on doors and talking about nothing. Imagine Seinfeld selling encyclopedias.

So back to the answer God. What if I don’t want to wait for my problems to be solved for me? It seems like it’s the theological version of blaming one’s path in life on lack of breastfeeding. I don’t blame others for where I am, and I don’t expect others, not even God, to deliver me elsewhere. I like to think the fruits of my own labor will provide that. My back-up plan being that the fruit of my loins make it big and take care of daddy. It’s a solid plan B.

What of the bible you ask? Well, what of it? It’s a good book. So was Catcher in the Rye. I’m not worshipping Holden Caufield and I’m definitely not shooting John Lennon.

It’s a guidebook for living life proper, and I agree with it in principal. You shouldn’t cheat, steal, kill or lie. Tell that to organized religion.

I know this post might not sit well with some, and may draw the ire of their convictions, but please remember, God made me do it. I saw him at Taco Bell. He looked full.

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