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Well, it’s not a sale, it’s even better- free! You may or may not recall that David from Electronic Time Capsule offered a free year membership to anyone that requested one via my previous post. Of course none of you have done so.

I understand you may be skeptical, or busy, but it is very cool. I just wrote my first letter to Atticus to be delivered when he turns 30. That’s a weird and wonderful thing to do, especially since he is sitting in front of me right now practicing his ABC’s. Here’s what I sent him. I have 27 years to edit and rewrite it, I doubt I will, why lose the moment?

Subject: Hello
Created: 2006-10-16
Delivery Date: 2033-06-15

Today you are 3 and hiding in your room with your little brother Zane. I just read you a book about Simba that you just had to hear, but we stopped short of the end because you were distracted by Go, Diego Go! on the television. Then you and Zane took off down the hallway, leaving me alone with my lukewarm coffee and the morning programing of Nick Jr.

Today you are 30 and I hope that you have grown into the type of man that doesn’t feel a need to hide. I hope that you and your brother are as close as you were when you were boys. I hope you finish what you’ve started, despite the distractions. I hope you haven’t left me and your mother in a home.

I just checked on you to make sure that you were okay. You said, “Yes Daddy, we’re fine.”

I hope you are still fine.

I love you. Happy Birthday.

He just told me that Atticus starts with “A”, and that he is 3. This is not news to either of us, but it’s a good thing to be reminded of. Check out ETC and you won’t forget a thing.

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