Click This To Understand Being a Father

I told myself I wasn’t going to steal anymore. Thanks to David my life of plagiarism and petty theft continues. I won’t go into more detail than that, this link speaks for itself.

To make it up to David I’ll provide some free advertising. Go to his site and check out the Electronic Time Capsule. It allows you and others you invite to write messages to someone and have them sent later in life. For instance, I can write letters to my boys now and have them sent when they are 10, 18, or 21. Hopefully I’ll be around to offer messages like this in person, but life being what it is you never know. It’s comforting to think that they may someday receive a note from me that reassures them of the fact that they have always been loved.

***Check the comments for a very generous offer from David re: ETC. -Whit Henderson

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