Which Soundtrack Plays To Your movie?

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading and writing concerning the sweet and easy life that is parenting. I’ve noticed that it is a road paved with gold for everyone else as well. The kids get up, clean up, stand up for their rights, then they take a bath and put themselves to bed. Maybe they sell some lemonade and cut you a check at the end of the day. Easy Peasy.

I have noticed a recurring theme in the world of parent blogs, and it’s a good one. Basically, to quote Amazing Grace, we once were blind but now we see. Many of us were very wrapped up in the idea of “us”, the ego, the id, before we became “we”. We were lost without knowing it, and having children we find ourselves, well, found.

What it boils down to is that our children are saving us from ourselves. I have no desire to be the dad from Cat’s In The Cradle. Forget the silver spoon, Little Boy Blue and the Man In the Moon, I’ll stick with being a saved wretch thank you.

How sweet the sound.

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