I Need IT

The downside to blogging from home, and being a self-taught computer user, is that I don’t have someone I can turn to about tech questions. Thus, I am turning to you.

Lately I have been suffering from link envy. That is, I’ve noticed that people are able to put a personal icon in their web address rather than the default dealy-o. I want to do that!

While I’m at it, any of you out there using Blogger, how can I add my own banners and other fun stuff to my template?

I appreciate any help you can offer.

I was just about to post this when I realized my title says “I Need IT” as in whatever fix I’m jonesing for. What I need is I.T., you know the guy that gets to wear jeans to the office.


Okay, thanks to Jeff at Jeff’s Place for volunteering to do it for me, but I believe I got it- the favicon (as it turns out they are called) anyway. I’ve got nice new ones for this site and the boys’ A2Z site. I found an easy favicon maker at this site.

Basically, you upload your image, convert, and download the new file. Then you need to host the favicon image. On Blogger I just uploaded the favicon as a photo, copied the URL, and saved the post as Draft. Then enter this: >link rel=”Shortcut Icon” href=”your url here”<. Make sure that your greater than and lesser than are both flipped from the way I placed them, pointing them outward. I'm an idiot and can't put this stuff in my post without it being read as code.

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