A Difference Between Apples & PC’s

It would probably be easier to write about the difference between men and women.

Recently I have been updating my blogs using my Mac. It’s a laptop, I can sit in the livingroom with Thing 1 and Thing 2, or outside with some coffee and the dogs. It’s nice not being a shut-in. Besides, Atticus has basically taken over the PC during all waking hours.

My blogs were looking fine, everything was running smoothly, and then my reader notified me that it was all messed up, and had been for 3 days. She was viewing on a PC.

“Thanks Mom.” I said.

I kicked the boy off of the PC and had a look for myself. Sure enough, it was messed up.

It seems that the html I used was looking fine on the Apple and causing havoc on the PC. Odd I thought. I stayed on the PC and fixed it, then back to the Apple to tweak it, and then back to the PC to make sure it was alright. It was.

Now I’m back on the Apple and being cautious, Atticus is back on the PC helping Blue find her clues, and my reader is finally able to catch up on 3 days of missed posts. Hope you enjoy them Mom.

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