The Path Not Taken

I shouldn’t be sitting here writing this post. I should be at Disneyland participating in the 1st annual marathon weekend. I bought my entry, one for Tricia, and some fun-run/crawl stuff for the boys. Unfortunately, a sore ankle and other unforeseen circumstances have made us cancel our hotel reservations and write those entries off as a loss. Click the above link to see what we would/should be doing.

Instead I’m sitting here listening to David Gray and drinking a French-press full of Peet’s coffee. Zane is crawling at my feet without competition, Atticus is playing the new Backyardigans moonpatrol game on the PC, and Tricia is curled up with the dogs in bed. She worked late last night. Don’t judge.

We really wanted to be a part of this inaugural event. It’s my understanding such things only happen once. That being the case I guess we’ll have to wait and be a part of the 2nd annual marathon weekend. Only 364 days to go.

I complain about this further over at The Disney Blog

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