Goodbye from The Goodnight Show

The above link is for an online petition to protest PBS and their sudden firing of The Goodnight Show’s Melanie Martinez. Melanie was a good fit for the program but apparently made two 30-second mock PSA’s (public service announcements) before her hiring that dealt with adult topics, namely sex and how to maintain one’s virginity through creative loopholes.

The spots did not contain any nudity or violence. Still, they are not kid-fare, that is understood. Thankfully, kids were not the target audience for the spoofs. She is an actress and performed a part. It should have no bearing on her current, well recent, job.

PBS is the same station that airs Thomas the Tank which is narrated by the likes of Ringo Starr, George Carlin and Alec Baldwin, a trifecta of drugs, cursing and liberalism (which one assumes is also considered a negative trait by the kind of people that would fault Ms. Martinez).

Kid films are voiced by Eddie Murphy who got paid to talk about his dick for 15 years, and was arrested for soliciting a transvestite prostitute, and Chris Rock who has expressed his hilarious opinions in a very elegant and x-rated manner for the past decade. You don’t see anyone boycotting Shrek, Mulan or Madagascar.

Why is the Martinez case different? Perhaps because her program was aimed at younger children (ages 2-5), or it was on television where a child is more likely to watch it without a parents knowledge as opposed to a film in a theater or on DVD. Perhaps that is the reason. Or perhaps PBS, being in a slightly different position than most networks, is afraid of losing their grants, pledges and funding. Maybe they want to stay in the good graces of conservative America and the puritan ways of Wal-Mart and George W. Maybe.

I don’t know. I do know that I am a parent and I feel safe with my children watching programming on PBS. I am comfortable with it. I am also an adult that can recognize the difference between a spoof that an actor performed in a capacity unrelated to PBS and the job which they perform for the network. It’s a little thing that is in short supply called common sense.

I think I understand why PBS feels they had to do what they did, and in doing so replacing Martinez with a very creepy “Leo” and his pedophiliac vibe. However, I cannot support their decision. Sometimes you have to take a stand PBS, even if it means revealing a backbone.

One of the videos can be found at this address:

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