It’s Ok to Smile Today

Today, as you know, is September 11th. There is much to be said about it, but not in this post, other than the observation that it is suddenly a very unfortunate day to have a birthday or anniversary. I know people celebrating both.

I’ ve made the print big so they can see it.

My grandparents, Ray and Wynema Honea, are celebrating their anniversary. 60 years. Sixty years of my sweet grandmother putting up with my grandfather, the original curmudgeon. Despite the oneriness of my grandfather, or perhaps because of it, I have always been close to them. Chances are slim that they will find their way to this website, and slimmer still that they will ever talk to me again if they do. That being the case I’ll cut this short and give Grandma a call.

Then there is the birthday boy, my stepfather Bill Coatsworth is now sixty years young. Bill is a good guy, a Bear Down (UofA ) kind of guy, he bleeds red, blue and tequila.

In his honor I’ve compiled the following lists:

Things Older Than Bill:

  1. The Rolling Stones (individual
  2. At Least 1 NFL Coach
  3. The President (by 2 months)
  4. The constitution
  5. Dirt (contrary to popular belief)

… Wow, this list is longer than I thought, how about

Things Younger Than Bill:

    1. The Rolling Stones (band)
    2. Every NFL Player
    3. Every Playmate in Last 40 Years
    4. Al Gore (and therefore, the internet)
    5. His Teeth

…and this list is too long to continue. Happy Birthday Bill.

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