A Song to Dance to

Out for a drive on a windy day, Atticus asked me to turn down the music so that he could sing me a song. With apologies to 50 Cent I obliged. This was the song that Atticus sang:

the sky dances, the trees dance, the leaves and the bushes dance
the car dances, trucks, vans and planes
everything dances
houses and horses dance,
everything dances…
except the dirt and mailboxes

I asked, “they don’t dance?”, and he thought a moment then continued:

the dirt and the mailboxes, they do dance
the gates dance too
everything dances
Daddy dances and Atticus dances
we all are dancing,
except Zane. Zane can’t dance.

Other than having Zane and me confused, he was right. It was a windy day, and everything danced.

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