Zane does not care for sleep. He sees it as a sign of weakness. Getting Zane to go to bed is like getting Mel Gibson to quit drinking. Except Zane is not anti-Semitic. Still, he throws a fit and says things that he should regret. It is an exercise in frustration.

Atticus is no better at accepting an induced sleep, but he will allow himself to succumb to it when it shows up uninvited. Unlike Zane, Atticus does not have a set bedtime. Rather, he sits on the couch, watching TV and eating pizza until he passes out. Basically he has already mastered the skills that will guide him far into manhood.

As for myself, I have no such qualms concerning a good slumber. I can sleep anywhere at anytime. I can sleep for hours. My problem is I’m not allowed the chance.

There are two little obstacles on my long and winding road, and exhausting as they may be, they make the ride all the more enjoyable.

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