Sports Ahoy!

Finally, it is nearing the best time for sports, the fall. NFL, NBA, MLB, college football- they are all gearing up and coming soon (or underway, see MLB). As a bartender this excites me to no end. The odds greatly increase that there may be an actual sporting event on TV that I can show the bar, rather than encouraging the dumbing of America with endless hours of hunting, poker and NASCAR.

That’s not all, my respective teams all look to have very promising seasons, and thus I will share with you now the probable champion in each sport:

*NFL- Steelers. Again. Believe it.
*NBA- Suns. I know, it’s a little longer off, but it’s coming, and so is Phoenix.
*MLB- Yankees. Screw Boston. Seriously, they like it.
*CF- Arizona Wildcats. Okay, not that probable, but they should actually register on the national radar this year after two rebuilding seasons. You’ll have to wait for basketball to see them earn rings though (or watch reruns of this years softball team).

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