Bush’s Clear View & Policy in Practice

We all have awkward moments, like having to respectively decline that proposed threesome from your boss and his partner at the company Christmas party. It’s uncomfortable.

However, this man is not only your boss, but your bosses boss and so forth and so on. He is not just proposing a quick and drunken act of unmentionable frivolity, but rather a full-force group effort of international sodomy- and without foreplay.

To paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt, being patriotic is loving your country, not the president. Wise words that fit this stupid man. What the hell were you thinking Wal-mart America? I support the office of the president. I respect it. I just wish Bush did. He mocks it.

It’s getting hard to tell the difference between oil and blood. Both are green in the hands of W. and his buddies. Luckily, he has the future square in his sights (see above): dark days ahead.

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