OK GOING…back to work

I started back to work earlier this week, only to have the head weenie (HW) send me home because my slight limp was (mis)construed to be a liability. HW told me to take care of myself and gave me an encouraging pat on the shoulder. He didn’t mention taking care of my family as he sent me away without the chance to earn a days pay. I considered hiding some fajitas in my pocket.

I had to return to the doctor and get the official paperwork stating the obvious fact that I was cleared for work. This was something that I had put off due to our insurance dropping us when Tricia didn’t receive the proper payment forms during her maternity leave. She had finally spoken to someone partially competent at Human Resources and had it reinstalled without lapse. Of course Kaiser did not have the proper files in their system yet so I was made to pay $115 while getting an earful of attitude from the posterchild of why Americans hate insurance companies. The doctor gave me the note without even looking at my foot.

That said, I’m back. Again. There are few things as satisfying as going through tons of crap and paperwork to ensure your return to the one place in the world you would rather not be. C’est la vie. At least the kids will eat today.

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