I Don’t Bounce

Perhaps you’ve read my post over at the A2Z blog about Zane and his bouncing addiction. As a matter of fact, he is bouncing in front of me right now, heavy eyelids and all. He is happy. He bounces.

I, however, do not. This morning after exhausting every other possibility I went to place him in Ol’ Reliable for some much needed down time (for me). He didn’t start immediately with the bouncing, so I started hopping in front of him, begging him to enjoy himself and grant me five minutes of cry-free sanity (we had been up together since 5:40am, and five hours later he was still being a grump). I took a few bounces and then, to paraphrase Tigger, something T-e-double er-able happened. I heard, and felt, a pop in my leg and collapsed to the floor like a disregarded ragdoll. It was pathetic really.

I couldn’t stand or put pressure on my foot and had to crawl down the hallway to retrieve my phone and call Tricia for a ride to Urgent Care. I’ve had plenty of sprains before, some with great swelling, bruising and limp-inducing pain. I was pretty sure that it wasn’t a sprain.

Don’t worry, it was. I’m a wuss. Actually, it was a level 3 sprain, which is a tear in the ligaments surrounding the ankle joint, hence the pop. The doctor wrapped me up, propped me up, and gave me a vile of some fairly powerful pain-killers.

-which I can’t take. I’m home now for at least a week with a foot that I can’t stand on, crutches that keep disappearing (thanks to Atticus) and medication that will knock me off my feet, well even further off my feet, Being home alone with a bouncing or screaming baby and a crutch stealing 3 year old demands what little wits I have left and cannot be numbed, no matter my discomfort.

Zane is almost asleep now, bouncing here and there with a raise of the head as he fights to stay awake. My crutches are beside me, thanks to Atticus returning them and saying, “put these somewhere else”, and my medication is a million miles away.

I have learned a lesson- unlike Bumbles, I don’t bounce. And judging by Zane’s closed eyes, he doesn’t either- for now.

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