Time or Quality? The Coffee Dilemma

We have this coffee maker. You know the one, brushed stainless steel, sleek and modern but aesthetically retro. It was one of those things that is featured in every store and when we saw it we had to have it. Since buying it I have noticed that every set of every show in primetime television also had to have it. They use it on Two and a Half Men, Will & Grace and House. It is everywhere.

It is a piece of crap. We returned the thing three times for the same problem. Out of the blue it decides that the appropriate amount of time to brew a pot of coffee is roughly an hour, during which it spews forth steam like the foyer to hell, or the state of New Jersey- you choose. The previous three makers went kaput within a month or two. The current one lasted well over a year, causing us to relax and forget that it was capable of turning on us at any given moment. It has turned.

I have been forced to use the French Press coffee maker, which is like saying that I’m out of hamburger and will be forced to eat filet mignon. The press makes the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had, but the damn thing is a project. It requires my attention and involvement. I already have kids, dogs and a wife. I’m involved enough. Plus, it makes a much smaller pot than the automatic makers, and I need lots of coffee in the morning- especially when it is so good.

I’ll look into repairing that hip can of crap loitering on the kitchen counter, or maybe we’ll find something else to throw our money at; I haven’t decided yet. In the meantime I’ll enjoy the spoils of coffee done right and the toils of one more chore vying for my affections.

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