Congress = The Man

Nine years ago the national minimum wage was $5.15 per hour, or $206 per week (before taxes). Can you imagine trying to live on 12k a year back in 1997? Luckily the United States Congress, who have given themselves pay increases of thirty grand over the same span were presented with the opportunity to raise the wage. They turned it down.

There are people in America in 2006 that work 40 hour weeks, most likely at jobs the majority of us would never do, and clear less than a thousand a month. Sally Struthers’ kids make more than that.

What is wrong with our leaders that they do the things they do?

  • They justify sending our youth to die in another country to support our dependence on oil and then sit back and count the money as their buddies in the industry gouge us for every spare coin.
  • They try to rule our government by religious beliefs, not unlike the countries we are fighting.
  • They refuse to allow hard-working people a chance to earn a relatively higher wage and better their lives but pad their own wallets without a second thought.
  • They claim same-sex marriage to be immoral and that intercourse between men is a sin, and then they bend over the American public and jam it in.

Somebody write their congressman and complain- they don’t read my blog.

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