Saying "No" to Yes Men

As most of you know I am anti-“the man”, anti-system and anti-anything else holding people, i.e., me, down. Even in my useless job of slinging drinks I still have to deal with the suits and their plastic smiles that quietly leak carefully chosen words of advice and pep. They are nothing special, they just have more money. And I’m guessing a better work ethic, or as I like to think of it- less fun.

I would rather have whisky on my shirt than shit on my nose. That ‘s about it in a nutshell.

Someday, when I’m rich and develop condescending tones and a superior attitude I may see things from the other side. I doubt it. I think I’ll still like making fun of the starched suits and their collective ass sticks (as in up them).

I don’t have much of a point, just one more reason to hate my job.

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