Goodnight Gracie (& Will)

There are some things that we outgrow, and there are some things that outgrow us. Life is a revolving door of loving and painful moments. Old teddy-bears get packed away and friendships end over one harsh word. The voids are filled with the new and better or they are left barren, hidden and hollow.

Which is a rather dramatic way to write about comedy. Television comedy to be exact. How does something so meaningless end up meaning so much? I could wax endlessly about displacing our own realities, the comfort of routine and the medicine of laughter, but that would only take up space. I think, like anything, it is about establishing relationships, albeit one-sided and two-dimensional, but a bond nonetheless.

We just watched the last episode of Will & Grace and regardless of what you may have thought about the plot (people always hate last episodes) it was a solid ending to a good run. It is, was, a tv show. Yet I cared about the characters, the fake people with their made-up lives. I cared about them and watched them grow and change just as I too faced growth and change. A good television show comes of age with you- regardless of your age.

I cried during the last episode of Cheers. I cried during the good-bye episode between Ritchie and Fonzie just before Happy Days literally jumped the shark. I thought that I might cry tonight, but I didn’t. I just sat with my wife and a glass of port and watched with bittersweet appreciation as one more door shut in my life.

There will be new shows. New doors will open. Some are already slightly ajar. In the meantime I will pack Will&Grace away with the teddy-bear as one more cherished memory of my endless childhood and the moments that are meant to pass.

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