Remember Me?

Greetings Anthony (& anyone else that accidentally wound up here) to “the blog that we don’t mention”.

I’ve been bad. I haven’t been writing at all of late. I’ve been watching movies and wishing I was in them and watching SNL ( watch the digital shorts on Natalie Portman and Lazy Sunday) and wishing I was funny. I’ve been drinking beer and wishing it didn’t hurt my head and listening to Jack Johnson and wishing, and sitting and waiting (song reference).

I do have the corrected version of my story coming out soon from India. The previous addition sits in my office still wrapped in the cardboard packaging it arrived in, covered in airmail stamps and “Air Mail” stickers. I can’t bring myself to part with the shell even though the gooey goodness is hidden on the inside.

A friend of mine, (I think I can call him a friend despite never having met and only talking through email and blogs for a year or so) Dave King, gave me a lead on a literary agent in New York which I promptly contacted with unprofessional vigor and obvious disregard for protocol. Needless to say I haven’t heard back. What I sent him was crap. I was afraid of losing my “Dave King mentioned you to me” window.

So basically I haven’t posted here because I haven’t been writing. I’ll work on that.

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