Here’s to Moms (especially mine!)

I have a confession. I didn’t just walk into this world as the perfect specimen I am today. No, I was actually born to, and raised by, a mother. My mother. My dad was there too, but this isn’t about him.

I don’t think that I ever really knew or understood what it was that a mother did or the responsibilities she had until my wife turned into one. She is on 24/7. Moms have a job that no man would ever undertake- even good dads like me that help out wherever we can still tend to sleep too late or drink too much given the opportunity, but not moms. Tricia is an excellent mother. Atticus told me so.

Which leads me back to mine. As a rule men tend to take the women in their life for granted. It’s what we do. Growing up my mother was always there and provided for me whatever I needed and often even what I wanted. Now that she is hundreds of miles away she still goes above and beyond. The difference now is that I appreciate it. That isn’t to say I was ungrateful before, but I was ignorant of what a parent is and blind to the duties that it entails. I needed the love of a mother and I got it. I have never known a moment without it.

There are other mothers in my life and every single one of them deserves today and possibly a few days vacation. They do what they do, and despite the mumbled complaints that I hear in the night, I believe they are happy to do it. They are moms. Don’t take them for granted.

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