The Return of Jiminy Cricket (Updated)

Disney and McDonald’s have been in cahoots for over ten years. They have combined the might of two of America’s biggest and best known enterprises to push Disney movies and McDonald’s food. That has ended.

Disney has apparently decided that reestablishing their reputation of being family friendly should not include enticing children to eat crap (as a meal, crap as a treat will still be available throughout the themeparks).

I am a fan of Disney, and I am still in shock that they would do something so right at the expense of easy money. I have never thought that Disney would intentionally do something that would endanger my children and I have always figured that teaming with McDonald’s was easy enough to justify- they sell salads and feature a clown, how unsafe could they be?

The truth is that we live in a very fat and unhealthy country and fastfood is one very big reason. It is quick and easy, and when abused it is a killer. The last thing you see on the way to the pearly gates should not be golden arches.

I am amazed at the sign of conscience that is currently on display and I hope that this is an omen of more good things to come under Iger and his newest best pal Steve Jobs.

UPDATE: Apparently this cutting of ties was exaggerated in the initial press coverage and a contract does still exist between the companies. Hopefully they have noticed the overwhelming response to the idea and will consider healthier options for your fat kid.

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